ZenMate is wonderfully convenient tool that helps unblock websites instantly. However, the service has certain limitations and disadvantages that become clear when ZenMate is compared to other leading VPN service providers.

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    • Strict no logging policy
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$4.49per month
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    • No live chat available.
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 What Is ZenMate - ZenmateReview.com Introduction

ZenMate is a Germany based VPN provider with over 10 years of experience in the industry. The provider initially offered browser extensions, providing SSL secured proxy serversbut has now diversified into dedicated Windows&Mac apps, while mobile support is also available. You can download the browser extensions and use the selected free proxy servers available from ZenMate.


ZenMate is #1 Opera Browser Extension at BestVPN.Co

When it comes to finding the best VPN browser extensions, ZenMate will definitely make it to the list. As covered in our review, the VPN provider is also compatible on Opera. That said, various review websites rated ZenMate on different factors. Among them is BestVPN.co, which places ZenMate as their number one VPN extension for Opera.

ZenMate offers free servers for Opera browser, just as it does on other browsers. However, the limitations apply to Opera as well. You get limited server choices and protection feature. But the free plan is useful when it comes to bypassing region blocks on certain websites.

At BestVPN.co, these are precisely the reasons for it being ranked as the best browser extension for Opera. Although Opera offers its own VPN service, but it has several privacy issues. So you are better off with a VPN service that works, and ZenMate is the best among VPN extensions for Opera.


Zenmate Reviews on GooglePlay


The ZenMate user base is filled with people who have had different experiences with the service. However, users who have a thoroughly positive experience (such as the ZenMate review captured below) are hard to find.

Zenmate Review

Most notably, ZenMate has a tendency to slow down the user’s device and countless users have reported experiencing improvement in speeds after de-activating the service.

This is further aggravated by the fact that ZenMate users frequently notice a decline in ZenMate’s service quality over time.

To make matters worse, ZenMate is a fermium service, and a classic sign of an underhanded freemium service is that it is always trying to push free users to make a purchase. 

ZenMate Reviews on Twitter


ZenMate switches popular server regions from 'Free' to 'Paid' status.

Users with light internet usage and low internet security priorities usually appreciate the service and its smooth functioning. Twitter is bursting with ZenMate reviews like these.


But most are clearly ticked off by the limited and constricting server availability.


Others are rightfully suspicious about the source of income that keeps predominantly free services like ZenMate running.


But ZenMate is clearly not always effective.


How Safe Is ZenMate?


ZenMate clearly establishes in the privacy policy that it does not retain any personally identifiable information by default. Information is however retained with user consent:

  1. When you select a certain server to use ZenMate
  2. When you contact our customer support
  3. Your subscription to newsletters and sending of newsletters and mailings
  4. Providing further information upon your request
  5. Your postings in forums, communities and through comment functions

In accordance to German laws the company is allowed to use your email for marketing. Emails can also be shared with partner websites. ZenMate apps also allow you to turn on the Malware & Ad blocking feature to ensure you have no ads while you browse through their VPN servers.

If you ever comment, share or like one of ZenMate’s social accounts your real profile information will be available and recorded by the provider. The privacy policy clearly states that your information will be sent to service providers in the USA and ZenMate will not be responsible:

“… If you activate one of the Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ "like buttons" on our website by clicking on them, information will be transferred to the operator of the respective service in the USA. This information might be stored and utilized there. We do not know in which exact way these providers handle this data. We are not responsible for any storage or utilization of such data, including a possible placement of a cookie by the company which operates the respective social network…”

When you use their website, Google Analytics data is not stored on their German servers but instead sent over to the servers based in the USA, the privacy policy clearly claims. So if you are shopping online on Amazon, playing online games or browsing a streaming website all cookie data will be retained through cookies which are then saved on US based servers. This allows ZenMate to deliver ads while you are connected through their VPN servers, unless you obviously opt out and turn on their ad-blocking feature.


Is ZenMate Safe? Does It Keep Logs?


Although it is a VPN service with a proper privacy policy ZenMate is far from being a safe VPN service. Since the brand is based in Germany ( a 14 Eyes Member ) it complies with a range of cyber laws that collide with user privacy. They have to log your IP address that you use on their servers, although nothing that you access is logged, the purpose of using the VPN dies out when using their browser extensions.

ZenMate is a very intrusive service and accesses your browsing cookies and picks out selective data to show ads in your browser. They can however be blocked using their in app ad block feature, but the same cannot be done with the browser extensions. 


ZenMate Server Availability Review


ZenMate has a very minimal server offering in the default free service. Users who install ZenMate and choose to stay on the unpaid plan can only access four server locations. This can get very irritating as the limited variety of four server locations can prove to be very constricting and often negatively impacts the actual utility of the app.


Zenmate Server Locations Review


Free ZenMate customers will be able to access US, Romania, Germany, and Hong Kong. Paid customers will be able to access Singapore, US (West), Switzerland, France, UK and Canada, in addition to the four server locations above.


Free ZenMate Server Limitations


VPN service providers realize that a VPN is only as good as the VPN server spread that it offers. Most VPN industry leaders have servers in dozens of locations while the top few have servers in over a hundred countries around the world.

ZenMate feels like more of a 'tool' and less of a 'service', considering the fact that it does not offer access to any servers in frequently preferred VPN server locations like Australia, Turkey, the Netherlands, China, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Spain, UAE and Greece.


ZenMate Additional Features Review


In addition to the standard function of unblocking websites by cloaking the client IP address, ZenMate offers three features that are available to paid users.


Smart Locations

Activating this feature helps users browse the internet without having to switch server locations for different websites from different regions. The feature enables ZenMate to switch server locations automatically, based on the VPN needs of the user's desired website. This ZenMate review appreciates that fact that this (additional) feature is open to free users.

Tracking Protection

ZenMate promises to prevent websites and online services from secretly tracking users' activity. This is a very iconic feature as there is virtually no guarantee that a 3rd party service will/won't track a user's internet activity. A regular users best bet is to ensure that adequate encryption levels are active during data transmission. Since encryption standards are developed for the singular purpose of data protection, using proper encryption helps ensure that the data is completely secure during transmission.

ZenMate’s Encryption

ZenMate offers TLS Encryption. TLS, short for Transport Layer Security, is an upgraded version of the failed SSL encryption standard that was originally developed by Netscape. The TLS encryption protocol is over two decades old and requires constant updation to ensure that weaknesses in algorithm do not generate vulnerability in the user's security.

Other ZenMate reviews might be willing to settle for this encryption standard, but this is clearly an area in which ZenMate needs to improve. Purevpn offers solid encryption and support PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN. 


ZenMate Web Firewall Review


ZenMate’s Web Firewall extension is available on the Google ExtensionsStore and Mozilla Firefox add-on store. Based on the famousuBlock Origin engine, ZenMate Web Firewall is claimed to be the only ad blocker to “include proprietary 0-day threat intelligence security.”


zenmate web firewall


Web Firewall offers protection from various threats including malware, phishing, spyware, ISP tracking and other threats.


Zenmate Premium Pricing Plans Review


In addition to the free plan that is active by default when a user downloads ZenMate, there are three additional premium plans that are available. All three provide access to the premium features discussed earlier and are available through the official ZenMate website.


Zenmate premium pricing plan and subscription account review


  1. The 1 month ZenMate plan is available for a flat rate of $8.99 per month.
  2. The 6 month ZenMate plan is priced at a rate of $7.49 per month, costing a total of $44.94
  3. The 12 month ZenMate plan is priced at a rate of $4.99 per month, costing a total of $59.88 (Tip: Reduce the amount and get exclusive zenmate vpn discount for black friday)

This ZenMate review identified these plans as highly over-priced. ZenMate does not have the server spread like pure and expressvpn to justify the prices, and most of the additional features that it offers are available for free. However, if you are patient, you can wait till November for a Black Friday VPN offer and get an amazing discount.

Read purevpn review and expressvpn review.


ZenMate OS & Devices Compatibility Review


Compatible with a variety of devices and does not charge for downloads of plug-ins and smartphone apps. All ZenMate software (excluding Desktop clients) is free.

  1. Custom Browser Extensions (developed by the ZenMate team) are available for all leading internet browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
  2. ZenMate’s mobile device clients are available for Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded from GooglePlay and iTunes respectively.
  3. ZenMate offers custom VPN clients for Windows and Mac users. These software are for people who are not content with the browser plug-ins and want more.


ZenMate Customer Support Review


ZenMate only offers customer support to paid users. Free ZenMate users will have to settle for the FAQ section.

Nonetheless, this ZenMate review gives the service credit for the reservoir of information that is available for free users. The FAQ section contains relevant and well-organized information on ZenMate's features, users' account particulars, browser extensions, device apps and clients and troubleshooting tips.


ZenMate Payment Methods Review


ZenMate accepts a wide variety of payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, PayPal, and UnionPay. However, availability of payment methods varies with respect to the subscriber’s region.

You can view the payment methods available to you by selecting your region from the drop-down menu on the ‘Payment Method’ page. The ‘Payment Method’ page will show up after you select a paid Zenmate plan.


How to Setup Zenmate on Kodi XBMC


  1. Launch Kodi > Click on Settings > File Manager > Double Click on Add Source.
  2. Type the link https://fusion.tvaddons.ag > Click OK > Type the name of media source ‘Fusion’ > Click OK.
  3. Go to Kodi Home Screen by pressing ‘esc’ button > Add-ons > Click on ‘Download Installer’ icon on top left > Install from zip file > Fusion > Kodi-repos > English > metalkettle-1.0.1.zip.
  4. Wait for the Add-on to enable > Install from repository > MetalKettles Add-on Repository > Program Add-ons > OpenVPN > Install.
  5. Kodi main menu > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > VPN for OpenELEC > Setup VPN.
  6. Select your Kodi VPN from the list of various VPN providers or choose from best vpn for kodi > Continue > Enter you login and password > Click OK > Configure VPN.
  7. If you have a correct ID and Password, then you will be successfully connected and notified.
  8. Now check your IP and Enjoy movies on xbmc.


ZenMate for Popcorn Time Streaming


ZenMate’s rise from a free browser extension to a full-fledged premium VPN service offers a lot of benefits. However, ZenMate does not allow P2P file sharing or the use of torrents on its servers. Therefore, if you are considering ZenMate for Popcorn Time streaming, I would recommend another VPN provider that allows P2P, such as PureVPN or ExpressVPN.

If you do try to use ZenMate for any torrenting activity or Popcorn Time, chances are that the provider might hand over your IP address to the authorities. How is it done?

Suppose that you stream on Popcorn Time while using ZenMate servers and copyright holders decide to penalize all the infringers. They will send a DMCA notice to ZenMate as you were using one of their servers.

Since the VPN provider doesn’t allow P2P, it will pass on your actual IP address to authorities protecting copyrights. This way your actual location can be uncovered as copyright sharks can contact your ISP and then issue a DMCA notice, putting your privacy in danger. Therefore, ZenMate is not a safe option for streaming on Popcorn Time. 


Conclusion of ZenMate Review (5 out of 5)


ZenMate is one of the first few tools to provide VPN services through a convenient in-browser plug-in, and offers a limited but functional set of features that are accessible to paid users. The service is usually preferred by internet users who have minimal understanding of VPN and want a quick two-click solution to unblocking geo-restricted websites.

This ZenMate review recommends that users should not engage in any sensitive online activities when using services like ZenMate, and should limit their internet use to unblocking streaming websites. Carrying out banking transactions, buying/selling online, and sending/receiving sensitive information should be avoided unless a professional VPN is being used.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your ZenMate review if you have tried out the service. Any ZenMate reviews providing details about users’ experiences with the service’s functions will be appreciated as it helps spread productive information that can help others make informed decisions.

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